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The History of Middle-earth, All First Editions, Vols 1-12+, Tolkien

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All first editions of the 12 History of Middle-earth volumes plus first edition Silmarillion and Unfinished tales. These sets appear on the market several at a time, then they are gone and none appear. Buy today! Please note if you are not familiar with collecting. The first 9 books are commonly found as they had larger print runs. Its the last three volumes which are most scarce and comprise much of the value.

The appropriate publishers first the true first editions since 1983, Allen & Unwin, Unwin Books and Harper Collins. None are price clipped, all are fine/ fine books and jackets. I will not go into great detail on all the titles and descriptions as the buyer of this set will already be completely familiar with them. However, please ask if you have any questions.

HoME set- No fading to any of the jacket spines whatsoever, (often the case), no writing, no marks etc. No flaws to mention. Unread as each book's binding appears stiff and there's resistance when opened in the middle. A truly outstanding set obviously lovingly cared-for by a keen collector. It is increasingly hard to find first editions let alone in true fine condition.

The Book of Lost Tales 1- Allen and Unwin 1983, unclipped, no price. (price
sticker removed at one point).
The Book of Lost Tales 2- Allen and Unwin 1983, unclipped, no price. (price
sticker A&U 12.50).
Book 3, The Lays of Beleriand- Allen and Unwin 1984, unclipped, price
Book 4, The Shaping of Middle-earth- Allen and Unwin 1986, unclipped,
(price sticker £14.95).
Book 5, The Lost Road- Unwin Hyman 1987, clipped, (Unwin Hyman price
sticker £17.95).
Book 6, The Return of the Shadow- Unwin Hyman 1988, unclipped, price £17.95
Book 7, The Treason of Isengard- Unwin Hyman 1989, unclipped, price £17.95
Book 8, The War of the Ring- Unwin Hyman 1990, unclipped, price £17.95
Book 9, Sauron Defeated- Harper Collins 1992, unclipped, price £20.00
Book 10, Morgoths Ring- Harper Collins 1993, unclipped, price £25.00
Book 11, The War of the Jewels- Harper Collins 1994, unclipped, price
Book 12, The People of Middle-earth- Harper Collins 1996, unclipped, price

First editions of Silmarillion and Unfinished tales have been added to complete a collection on Middle-earth. There are to small scuff marks to Silmarillion and Unfinished Tales has slight fading to the jacket spine as it should have slight blue color. I would consider selling without these two titles if you already have them. Place an offer noting so. 
Our Price: £3,500.00
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